Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wedding photography, inside the bag with Herman V.Brandt Photographer

This video is to share the gear that I bring with me for a day of wedding photography. Its the first of a series of videos regarding wedding photography.
I have been getting a lot of questions in regards to wedding photography, and more and more frequently I get request from photographer friends who want to come along to a wedding with me just tag along and see how i handle it. If you have questions or sggestions feel free to hit me up!

ps: forgive the mistakes as i was explaining, i actually squeezed this video right before i took of for a wedding, I shot only one take, and I was a bit stressed out, my mind was elsewere. I was cracking up watching it lol


  1. Really good stuff..thank you.

  2. Just check out your video on youtube and I will say that you have great pictures regardless if you took it with a rebel t2i or whatever the case, they look good. I started with a D40x 10 megapixel camera and people would tell me my shots were good. True story: I hired a photogapher for my wedding last year thinking he got the skills and the camera (5d mk 2, 24-70) or whatever...that day I took my d40x just for the honeymoon. My wife took some shots on the bed with her dress. Finally a few months back I got my pictures and let me tell you..THEY SUCKED!! big time. I was upset, comparing my shot with her on the bed, my shot was better. I really like your work So keep doing what you're doing and much success.